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Marcelo discovered his love for dancing at a young age, but it was not until he was 17 that he realised it was going to be his career. Before pursuing this dream, he completed his Baccalauréat, worked for several years in sales, both on the front line and as a department manager, and then decided to dedicate himself fully to dancing. Marcelo travelled far and wide for his training. He has trained in Zurich, London, Los Angeles & New York. Marcelo has been working as a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for over 14 years. Throughout his career he has had the honour of working with some of the biggest names in dance. Whether on national television in programmes such as 'Darf ich bitten?', 'Sports Award' or similar, or abroad in programmes such as 'Das Supertalent' or 'Willkommen bei Mario Barth'. Marcelo's references also include well-known artists such as James Blunt, Andrea Berg, DJ Bobo, Luca Hänni and many more.



Alicia developed a passion for dance at an early age, influenced by her mother, who owned a dance school. Immersed in various dance styles such as jazz, modern, ballet, and hip hop during her childhood, she found a particular affinity for hip hop and she began teaching classes at 16. Despite her academic pursuits in a non-dance field, Alicia continued to hone her dance skills both domestically and internationally, exploring genres like house, salsa, jazz funk, and commercial dance, and performing with various groups and shows.
With several years of professional dance experience, Alicia has graced numerous stages across Switzerland, including notable events like the Swiss Music Awards and the Sports Awards. She has also contributed to stage productions for prominent clients such as Migros and On Shoes.
In 2018, Alicia transitioned to a career in the event industry, focusing on creating innovative concepts and strategically developing existing event products. She remains dedicated to dance, continuing to teach in Zurich.



Mike started dancing at the age of 14 & quickly realised that it was his passion. While completing his vocational baccalaureate, he also danced at the American School of Dance in Zurich. Soon Mike was giving his first dance lessons and leading a crew. Dancing took over his life more and more.  Since December 2015, Mike has been working as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer and has already experienced a lot in the last five years.

His references include big names such as James Blunt, Andrea Berg, DJ Bobo, Luca Hänni and many more. He has also worked for major events and companies. Mike has worked for The Voice of Romania, Das Supertalent, Die Grössten Schweizer Talente, Swiss Music Awards and many more. Mike has also been working as an assistant show producer and graphic & motion designer for the past two years and has already realised shows for well-known companies such as Bucherer, Lindt, SRF and others.

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